There are following containers for storing goods in the BCT Terminal:

  • 4 containers for storage of UAN with capacity of 20 000 ton each
  • 2 containers for storage of ammonium with capacity of 30 000 ton each

The BCT Terminal is operating on two berths in the Sillamäe Harbor:
– birth nr 9, which length is 260 m and sea-depth is 13 m;
– birth nr 10, which length is 175 m and sea-depth is 12 m.

The port of Sillamäe is the second largest sea-harbour in Estonia, which is situated only 25 km from the state border between Estonia and Russia. The Port of Sillamäe is the European Union’s easternmost port that is navigable all year round.
The BCT Terminal is accessible by sea as well as by rail and road.

The technical capabilities of the BCT Terminal are as follows:

Equipment and buildingskogus
2 Railway unloading areas for UAN with unloading front of 16 tanks at once and a capacity of 600 tons per hour1
2 Railway unloading areas for Ammonia with unloading front of 16 tanks and a capacity of 130 tona per hour1
MCC building with substation1
Ammonia compressor rooms1
Pump-rooms for UAN and Ammonia2
Fire-fighting complex consisting of 1 pump-room and 2 fire water-tanks 600 m3 each1
The Building for emergency diesel generator1
Ammonia and UAN pipe-lines to the birth2
Marine loading-arms with loading rate up to 1200 tons per hour2