Terminal safety info

The DBT Terminal is situated in Muuga Harbor.  The main activity of the terminal is provision of transit services (transshipment, warehousing, blending and bagging) to the owners of bulk and general cargo. The main part of the cargo is made up of granulated mineral fertilizers.

The terminal also handles such a fertilizer among others, as granulated ammonium nitrate, which is a combustion-promoting and strong oxidizer of Class 5.1, which can burn and under certain conditions can also explode.
The main risk factor in case of fire is the effect of toxic substances formed as a result of fire – smoke, which is harmful to health.

The main risk factors in case of explosion are:
– blast wave;
– heat radiation;
– effects of toxic substances formed by explosion or fire.

The company’s danger zone is 428 – 2843, depending on the accident.
Additional information you can find:  https://www.rescue.ee/et/kodanikule/kemikaaliohutus/ohtlikud-ettevotted.html

Accident or hazard in a high-risk enterprise will be communicated to the general public and to employees of neighboring companies via the EMERGENCY INSTALLATION, which has been put up in the terminal area.
System of Emergency Installation:
General alarm signal
This signal is lasting one minute (7 seconds of rising and 7 seconds of falling sound) and is repeated at least three times after 30 seconds.
The signal is used to attract attention in all threats.
More detailed information on the nature of the threat and the codes of conduct are communicated through mass media.
End of the threat
It is a steady continuous sound that lasts for one minute and is transmitted once.
The signal means that the danger is over and all the usual activities are again acceptable.
Steady continuous sound with a total length of up to 7 seconds.
Siren sound means regular testing of the Emergency Installation system and does not involve any mandatory actions for the population.

A potential accident resulting from the DBT Terminal as a Category A Major Hazard Company (under the Chemicals Act) has no cross-border impact.
The DBT terminal has the required activity license for handling hazardous chemicals – No. OKK 04-11.
All requirements for companies with a major hazard are met and the required documents are provided to the competent authorities.
In order to achieve chemical and fire safety, the Terminal cooperates with the Rescue Board, the Technical Surveillance Department, also with corresponding experts and consultants in the field. The DBT Terminal staff has undergone the required special training.
Information on the dates of the latest national on-site surveillance activities under the Chemicals Act can be found at: https://www.rescue.ee/dotAsset/3571bf6f-5884-45b4-9d83-86c2545b2709.pdf

Important phone numbers:
Emergency number 112 – emergency assistance in the case life, health or property is in danger.
Rescue Area Information Line 1524 – advice and Information on fire safety and rescue.
Poison Information Center 16662 – advice and code of conduct in case of poisoning.
GP’s advisory phone 1220 – tips and first aid guidelines for health concerns.