Quality management

All aspects of quality, such as the provision of services to clients and for everyday work, became the cornerstone of the operation and development of AS DBT since the foundation of the company in 1997. Our company received the international quality management system certificate EVS-EN ISO 9001-2001 already on September 17, year 2001, which was solid proof of the significant results achieved in the short term.




Achieving our overall high strategic goals has only been possible through the continuous development and implementation of quality policy. This policy has been developed based on the objectives and development strategies of AS DBT, taking into account our opportunities, risks, environment we operate in and the interests of third parties, i.e. customer desires and needs.

The management of AS DBT follows and consistently implements the following key principles of quality policy:

  • raising the satisfaction of clients and other stakeholders by complying with all the necessary legislative and other regulatory acts, continuous improvement of the transit services in accordance with the conditions agreed with the clients and meeting the requirements and of our clients and other interested parties;
  • continuous and systematic management of activities and continuous improvement of the quality management system’s efficiency, which is reflected in securing the necessary resources and measuring results in order to ensure compliance with established and agreed requirements and with existing legislation and also creating opportunities for continuous improvement of activities and growth of the company’s success;
  • raising the level of professionalism and awareness of the staff in the field of quality and increasing their satisfaction, which is expressed in terms of improving the qualifications of the employees, organizing appropriate training for all employees in order to inform them about the company’s quality policy and objectives, setting clear goals for each employee and motivating initiative, and trying to do things well, while avoiding previous mistakes;
  • implementation of corresponding technological solutions, which is reflected in improving the price / quality ratio of transit services, as well as increasing the competitiveness of the company and customer satisfaction;
  • Cooperation with reliable suppliers and subcontractors, by being in compliance with contract terms and generally recognized good business practices and mutually beneficial cooperation.