Major accident prevention policy


In the area of ​​industrial safety the objective of the BCT Terminal is to prevent major emergencies and other dangerous situations in the chemical terminal, which could cause damage to people or the environment and cause material damage to the company.

To achieve the above mentioned set of goals, AS DBT and the Management of BCT Terminal follow principles such as:

  • The priorities of the Terminal’s activities are the prevention of major accidents and other dangerous situations as well as preventative work;
  • Use of modern and safe technology in the Terminal;
  • A systemic approach to ensuring industrial safety;
  • Operational risk management;
  • Personal responsibility of each employee for compliance with and use of industrial, occupational and environmental safety standards;
  • Ensuring the availability of time, human, financial and other essential resources to prevent major accidents and other dangerous situations and incidents;
  • Increasing the awareness of associates and external stakeholders about the Terminal’s activities in relation to production safety and informing stakeholders about preventive measures and readiness to resolve crisis situations in the company;
  • Compliance with laws and regulations in the field of industrial safety;
  • Compliance with the Management of AS DBT requirements regarding industrial safety issues;
  • Continuous improvement and consolidation of the Terminal’s industrial safety system.

Ensuring the realization of a major accident prevention policy is one of the most important part of the BCT Terminal’s (AS DBT) activities.