About Us

AS DBT is one of the most technically equipped, advanced and successful logistics and transit companies in Europe. AS DBT was founded in June 1997 and since then has been continuously operating through two terminals in the Custom Free Zones of Muuga and Sillamäe harbors (Estonia).
The terminals provide customers with the complex of services of transshipment and storage of bulk and liquid goods as well as freight forwarding services regarding goods, coming by railways from manufacturers to ships.
The DBT terminal at Muuga Harbor offers all such a services to bulk commodities, also blending and packaging of the mentioned goods in big-bags.
The BCT terminal in Sillamäe Harbor offers transshipment and storage services for liquefied and liquid chemical goods.

We operate in

The DBT terminal, which is situated in the Custom Free Zone of Muuga Harbor, is intended for the transshipment and storage of bulk commodities (mainly mineral fertilizers). Since Muuga Harbor is navigable all year-round and it is one of the deepest ports in the Baltic Sea, so all transit services are offered to the owners of bulk and general merchandises throughout the year. The aforementioned services also include such services as blending of mixtures of granular mineral fertilizers and the packaging of goods.

The BCT terminal is located in the Custom Free Zone of Sillamäe Harbor and is intended for the transshipment and storage of liquid fertilizers (UAN) and liquefied ammonia.

Our mission

The customers of AS DBT are the owners of liquid fertilizers and chemicals, as well as bulk mineral fertilizers, to whom we provide services such as transshipment, storage, blending of bulk goods, packaging, etc. in the Muuga and Sillamäe Harbor.

Speed, reliability and trustworthiness, efficiency and the continuous improvement of the quality of services offered as well as ecological safety of industrial processes – these are the base principles and directions that AS DBT uses in its development to fulfill successfully our customer needs.

We value long-term customer relationships in all our activities by providing our customers with services only of the best quality.

Our vision

AS DBT’s vision is to stay as the most customer-friendly, high-tech, and competitive logistics and transit company in the region.

Our values

Since the time it was founded, main values of AS DBT have been the same:

  • satisfying our customers wishes in a high quality and comprehensive way;
  • continuous stable development and the environmental safety;
  • the feeling of high personal and team responsibility;
  • continuous improvement of qualifications of our specialists and employees;
  • maintaining a collective spirit and a sense of belonging among the employees.



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