Terminal safety Instructions


The BCT Terminal (located at Kesk 2C, Sillamäe, contact number +372  53 42 2420) is situated in the Sillamäe Harbor. It is a terminal for transshipment and storage of liquefied ammonia and liquid complex fertilizers (mainly UAN), whose activities include the provision of transit services – unloading of goods from railway tanks, storage and loading of goods on ships.
Liquid ammonia and nitrogen liquid fertilizers are delivered to the terminal from Russian manufacturers. Transit goods arrive from Russia by rail, after which they are stored and shipped to customers.
The terminal is designed and built by Dutch specialists in accordance with all the safety requirements of the Republic of Estonia and Europe.
The Management of the BCT Terminal has provided the East Estonian Rescue Board with an emergency response plan for liquid chemical products, a response manual in case of an emergency and the liquid chemical terminal’s fact sheet and safety report.
The Terminal has signed a general liability insurance contract with AS If Eesti insurance.
An emergency plan has been prepared, regular exercises are carried out for the terminal staff, information on the movement of ammonia and liquid fertilizer wagons is exchanged with the Estonian Railways in real time.
Despite all the safety measures that should prevent ammonia from entering the environment, we need to provide you with instructions for emergency behavior.
The terminal handles liquefied ammonia. Under normal conditions ammonia is a corrosive gas that is colorless and has a with a specific (liquid ammonia) odor. 

In the event of an emergency, proceed as follows:

– If you are outdoors: depart from the endangered area perpendicular to the wind, avoiding valleys and cellars. If possible, get indoors.
– If you are indoors: close windows and doors and turn off ventilation and / or close ventilation openings.
– In case of an emergency act as following: if you have a feeling of choking or cough the drink large amounts of fluid (tea, milk).
– In case of pain in eyes – rinse your eyes with water.
– If necessary, seek medical advice.
– In case of an accident, follow the instructions given by the rescue center in a non-controversial manner.