Objective of an Integrated Management System


For the BCT Terminal (AS DBT) in Sillamäe Harbor, the objectives of the Integrated Management System for environmental management and occupational health and safety are:

  1. Reduce the risk of accidents at the terminal, as well as industrial and other emergencies, which may endanger human health and life or cause damage to the environment, as well as damage to property of the company or third parties.
  2. Ensure the continuous improvement of the level of competence of the company’s employees and the awareness of the subcontractors on issues such as occupational safety, environmental safety, emergency prevention at the Terminal and the prevention of damage to property belonging to the company and / or third parties.
  3. To ensure that interested parties are aware of the company’s activities in areas such as occupational health and safety, environmental safety and emergency prevention at the Terminal and its immediate vicinity.
  4. Optimum use of natural resources, energy and energy sources.
  5. Continually improve the working environment and integrated management system of the company with the aim of reducing negative environmental impacts, as well as the number of traumas and accidents. Also, to ensure the compliance of the operation of the Terminal with the requirements of legislative and other normative acts.