Health and safety at work in BCT


Management of the AS DBT takes full responsibility for ensuring the safety in terminal operations at BCT Terminal and maintaining human health by taking into account activities in the fields of occupational safety and industrial safety. This is one of the essential components of our daily activities and a prerequisite for achieving our strategic goals.

Managements of AS DBT and of the BCT Terminal have taken on the following obligations in developing the occupational health and safety system:

  • Make every effort to ensure safe working conditions for all employees of the Terminal, while preventing potential hazards in the event of occupational accidents and incidents that could occur at work or with employees;
  • Use modern and safe technology;
  • Raising the awareness both among the employees and outside parties on issues related to occupational health and safety and involving them to actively participate in the carrying out the company policies;
  • Follow laws and other legislation regarding occupational health and safety;
  • Continuously improve our performance in the management of the occupational health and safety system.

In order to realize above mentioned policy, the Management of the Company and the BCT Terminal will provide access to all the necessary human and other resources.