Muuga Rail Safety


 Priority directions for the development of the DBT Terminal are also ensuring high quality of transit services, enforcing safe and trouble-free work and minimizing potential negative effects on the environment.

The Management of the company AS DB and the Management of DBT Terminal understand its responsibility for ensuring safe rail transport and maintaining human health by treating health and industrial safety as an integral part of their day-to-day activities and as a prerequisite for their strategic goals.

The main principles of the company’s rail freight safety policy at the DBT Terminal in Muuga Harbor are:

  • Systematic management of the activities in the field of rail freight transport, which means provision the resources needed, implementation of technological agreements, complying with the requirements of the legislation in force, and creation opportunities for the continuous improvement and success of the company’s activities;
  • Ensuring the safety and health of personnel, consisting of continuous work to reduce the risks to the working environment and to ensure safe working conditions;
  • Raising awareness of employees in the areas of railway safety and quality and raising the level of professionalism of staff, improving employee qualifications, organizing appropriate training for all employees in order to inform them of the company’s safety policy in the field of rail transport, setting clear targets for and motivating each employee;
  • Cooperation with reliable suppliers and subcontractors, which is to comply with the terms of the contracts concluded and generally accepted good business practices, as well as to the mutual benefit of the partnerships.

Within the framework of the Railway Safety Management System, the Management of the DBT Terminal in Muuga Harbor has set itself the following objectives:

  • Ensuring the systematic management of rail transport safety in accordance with the requirements of international standards and legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia that are implemented in the activities of the company;
  • Safe and accident-free maneuvering and freight transport;
  • Creation of safe working conditions for workers involved in the railway transport process;
  • Organization and implementation of an effective internal control system to ensure the safety of rail transport.

The Management of the DBT Terminal assumes the following obligations in order to achieve the set goals:

  • Make the railway freight safety policy known to every employee of the DBT Terminal;
  • Ensure the compliance of the Terminal operations with the laws of the Republic of Estonia, the requirements of international agreements, as well as the standards and norms governing the operation of the Terminal in this field;
  • Implement all possible and practicable measures to prevent accidents and reduce their consequences;
  • To ensure measures to reduce the risks to health and safety both for the DBT Terminal employees and for third parties;
  • To inform employees of other contractors who perform railway work at the Terminal on the requirements of standards and norms in the DBT Terminal;
  • Ensure improvement of the safety system and its efficiency.