• DBT terminal (Muuga)

    In Muuga harbour. The most competitive fertilizer handling facility in bulk with additional services, like Blending and Packaging.
  • BCT terminal (Sillamäe)

    Location: Sillamäe harbour. The most modern and high-tech terminal for handling liquid fertilizers


AS DBT is a successful company established in 1997, operating in the free zones of Muuga and Sillamäe Harbours and offering stevedoring, storage and forwarding services of bulk and liquid cargos.

Muuga terminal (DBT)

1. Dry Bulk Terminal in Muuga harbour commenced operations in December 1998. The terminal, blessed with Customs Free Zone status, is involved in the trans-shipment of bulk commodities and general cargoes. Fertilizers are the terminal's principal traffic, and the terminal currently handles NPK, NP, ammonium nitrate, urea and DAP/MAP fertilizers, which are transported by rail from the main fertilizer producers in neighbouring Russia for onward shipment by sea to Central, South and North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

2. Product is emptied from the hopper cars at two purpose-designed discharge stations and is then conveyed to the warehouses. Muuga terminal utilizes materials state-of-the-art handling machinery and a conveyor system supplied by Roxon Oy of Finland and the UK's AS-C Materials Handling Ltd..

3. Offers covered storage capacity of 165,000 tones under roof .

4. Functions all year round, as the Muuga Harbour is ice-free and there are no draught restrictions in the port. The terminal comprises a 288-m long quay, with a depth of 14.4 m, enabling to handle bulk carriers of Panamax-size or larger.

Sillamäe terminal (BCT)

Facilities of BCT terminal in Sillamäe are presented below:
1. 4 tanks for UAN 20 000 tons each
2. 2 tanks for liquid ammonia 30 000 tons each;
3. UAN Railway Unloading Area with unload speed up to 600t/hour
4. Ammonia Railway Unloading Area with unload speed up to 130t/hour
5. MCC building with substation
6. Administration and utility building
7. Ammonia compressor room
8. 2 Pump rooms for ammonia and UAN
9. Fire fighting complex consisting of pump room and 2 fire water tanks 600m3 each
10. Diesel generator room for ammonia
11. Pipelines till quay for UAN and ammonia
12. 2 Marine loading arms with loading rate up to 1200t/h
13. Deep-sea berths - up to 13m